5 Tips on How to Rank
Higher on the Google Maps

When we talk about local search the first thing that comes to mind is Google My Business. Without a GMB your business is not shown on the map search results listings. Do you even know where you rank on the maps? These listings are always one of the first things seen when a potential customer searches for a service or provider. As it displays now, the top 3 business listings are shown and the user will have to click to see any others. This makes those top 3 spots prime real estate.

How do you achieve the top 3 status on the map pack?

  1. Is your Google My Business page complete? By complete, I mean is everything that can be filled out? If you haven’t visited your Google My Business page in a while chances are the answer is “no”. Some of the things you can add are a description, depending on your industry services and/or products may be added, hours, holiday hours, attributes, photos and videos, and frequent posts.
  2. Are you consistently receiving positive reviews? Reviews are important to both potential customers and as a ranking factor. Recent reviews mean your business is relevant and currently doing business. Your Google reviews will be shown on your listing as well those you have on Facebook and often some other high-level review sites.
  3. Is your NAP consistent across the internet? Your name, address and phone number should appear across the internet exactly as it does on your GMB. Any errors can be cause for Google to lose trust in your brand.
  4. Where are you listed across the internet? Your business should have profiles on all the major business citation listings and any niche sites relevant to your industry. These give power to your brand. Some of the ones you may be familiar with are Yelp and YP.
  5. Does your website use the keywords you are trying to rank for on the maps? You will see in small print under some listings “Their website mentions …”. Organic ranking is key to ranking in the maps.

Your listing rank will vary from search term to search term. For instance, you will rank differently for individuals based on location. Locations closest in proximity to the searcher will usually show higher on the map. Searches that are done without the location used as a search term, like “plumber” will show different results than “Sarasota plumber” which may also show results different from “plumber Sarasota”. Confused yet?

There are many factors that go into the ranking and depending on the industry some terms will be more difficult than others. If you would like to move up in ranking reach out and schedule an appointment. We can review your current situation and help you improve it.

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