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9 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Needs

What Businesses Need Social Media Marketing?

Businesses of all sizes can engage current and prospective customers, employees and the general public through social media. This is an important part of your marketing and branding, as it adds a face and a voice to your business. While social media should never be considered a quick method to sell it should not be ignored as a powerful tool. Consistent use of these social platforms can even raise your ranking on search engines.

Every business has many competitors and the key to success is often times nothing more than a feeling your clients and customers have about your company and employees. Social media marketing can give your company a personality and the top of mind recognition necessary for you to edge out your competition.

Successful companies use social platforms as a way to handle customer service, showcase their employees and build relationships. People enjoy learning more about the personalities of employees and the philosophy of the business beyond the products or services they sell.

The idea is to generate interest, show your personality, give great information and over time as you generate trust gain new customers and repeat business. On the selling side of things, ads provide a great way to promote to a very targeted audience that may not otherwise have found your products and services.

Company events, testimonials from customers, contests and giveaways, employee awards and recognition, community service and events are all perfect for social media. This can be in varied posting formats such as live video, taped video, articles and images.

Advantages of Our Social Media Management

Why Outsource Your Social Media Management?

Social media is a time consuming process that changes on an almost daily basis. Most professionals and business owners find they don’t have the time or interest necessary to invest in the training required to do what is needed or to post and respond on the platforms in a consistent manner.

Businesses look to Suncoast Web Marketing for management of their social media platforms on a daily basis posting and interacting with their audiences, groups and other pages. It is consistent and quality posting that gains recognition. We offer guidance to you and your staff as to the type of information we need to receive and we supplement that with curated informative content relevant to your industry and entertaining posts to engage socially.

We offer social media management to suit different budgets. If you would like to maintain your own pages we can provide professional setup of your profiles and/or training on posting best practices. Consultation is also available at anytime to help you stay on track with your goals.

It is never too late or too early to start a social media campaign for your business. Some even find starting pre launch of a new business will build interest and excitement allowing it to have a jump-start upon opening. Give us a call and we can advise you on a social media marketing plan specific to your need.

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