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Benefits of SEO for Your Business

What Makes Your Website Rank Higher?

Unfortunately, there is no magic button or one thing you can do to make your website rank number one on Google for “Sarasota your industry”. It takes time and effort to improve your ranking in the SERPS(search engine result pages) and once there you must keep working on search engine optimization to hold your place.

Google maps ranking is critical for local Sarasota businesses and is how most customers search for services. Ranking high on the maps does not mean you rank high for organic page placement and the same holds true vice versa. If you are a local service provider you should find out how you rank against your competition on maps. This placement will vary upon the location of the searcher and it takes work to have your listing appear in the top 3 city wide.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a term that covers many factors such as quality content, keywords, meta descriptions and title tags, image alt attribute, Schema markup, social, website user experience and website speed, on page links and back linking. 

Content is still the most important part of the SEO process. Businesses need to post well written relevant content frequently in order to see improvement and an increase in traffic. Answering the questions of prospective customers and clients offers a good source of information. This is beneficial for both the search engines and for those visiting your website.

What you don’t want to have is annoying pop-ups or ads, link buying or excessive link exchanging, hidden text or pages and duplicate content. Don’t fall for link farms or promises of instant page one because there are no short cuts.

These are by no means all the things to do or not do and the list changes frequently due to Google search algorithm changes. As stated before this is an ongoing process and like building a relationship with your clients your relationship with search engines takes time and relevant quality engagement. 

How We Do SEO

We approach SEO from a marketing approach. It is not just about page rank but also about creating a value for users. Inbound marketing creates warm leads, enthusiastic followers and more traffic to your website which in turn increase the signals to Google that your website is valuable. 

For those that are more technical, below you will see our services spelled out. For those of you that don’t understand or just don’t care about the technical, know this, we help you get more website traffic, make your phone ring, provide value to potential clients and generate sales.

Initially we review and analyze your website and send a list of key points to be addressed. A list of suggested keywords and keyword phrases is compiled and you may approve and add to this list. We then will complete the one time on-page optimization to correct deficiencies and errors on your site. Other off-page tasks will be completed monthly to deliver:

If you are struggling to gain more visibility, increased website traffic and ultimately a higher ROI for your local business in Sarasota or anywhere, contact us to learn how we can help. The sooner you start the sooner you will see results.

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