Sarasota Website Design Done Right

Sarasota, Florida is not only a tourist hotspot known for its beautiful beaches but it was also named one of the best small cities to start a business. What this means for your business is competition and lots of it.

The level of the competition will vary depending on the industry but unless you do something very unusual you will have plenty of competitors. This is where good marketing comes in, starting with the website.

So many business owners think that the website is just a placeholder on the internet, much like a business card. Unfortunately, I have seen some pretty bad business cards. Yes, it is similar to a card in that it has your vital information but a website also needs to be so much more.

Should I Use a Free Website Builder

While this is an option we do not recommend it. The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here. With website builders you are limited in the functionality, the number of pages, layout, and SEO.

The internet is the number one place customers go to find products and services, why would you choose to limit your presence? Your website should help visitors to know what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and when you do it within 6 seconds of their arrival.

User-Friendly Website Design

We have all been on websites that frustrate us. There are too many pages to click to find answers or perhaps no answers to be found. Sometimes even the contact information is hidden or missing. Often even when the information is there the color scheme or layout is so poor visitors leave before they find it.The competition is stiff for Sarasota businesses and SEO makes a big difference

At Suncoast Web Marketing we design websites with the user intent in mind. The necessary information is easily found with a direct call to action and links to more details. The business brand and voice is reflected in the content and design. New content and functionality can easily be added over time without requiring a total restructure of the website.

Search Engine Optimized Website

Your website designed by Suncoast Web Marketing will also have basic on-page SEO which is not always the case if you hire another website company. Unfortunately, many companies will build you a website that is not structured correctly to rank in the search engines. We feel this is like selling you a car that does not run.

Most business owners put their complete trust in the website designer to give them what they need but not all designers understand how to rank a website and those that do will often provide the basics as an upsell.

Website Hosting, Management, and Edits

All WordPress website needs to be hosted and managed to protect them from potential security threats and to maintain their functionality. We offer reasonable rates for managed hosting of any website and not just those we have created.

If your website just needs some updates or a major edit we will happily help you out. All correspondence is answered within 24 hours and we try to accommodate everyone’s deadlines.

At Suncoast Web Marketing we do our best to provide you with a business website that will fit your needs even when you are not sure what that looks like. Every client is treated as an individual and we do not mass produce copycat websites. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship and not just to sell a website. Give us a call for your new website, edit your current website, or if you just have questions.

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