How Your Business Can Survive Self-Isolation

Right now, due to COVID-19, most are dealing with a partial to total disruption of business. This is an unavoidable situation, but how are you handling it? With fear or ingenuity? The future of your business may be directly related to what you do now.

Are you wondering how you can control the future? First let me ask you, what are you doing now that benefits your business? Are you thinking outside the box or are you becoming a victim of the circumstances?

Unfortunately, many business owners faced with economic problems or uncertainty immediately cut back or eliminate marketing in an effort to conserve funds. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Digital marketing may be just what saves your business.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis

Understandably, things may have changed. You may not be able to directly service your clients or meet with them in person but you can still provide value. Becoming flexible and creative can be what sets you apart from your competition and makes you the leader in your industry. Internet marketing done well could have you coming out of this stronger than ever.

There are many ways to market yourself even on a limited budget. You can reach out via phone or video call. You can use social media posts, use YouTube or Facebook Live, run contests, offer discounts and giveaways or create articles and tips sheets.

When asked about digital marketing, the biggest excuse from business owners is the lack of time to either learn or implement marketing. Well, you have now been granted time. Are you going to spend that time scrolling Facebook, eating junk food and complaining or are you going to get motivated?

What Can I Do to Easily Market My Business Online?

  • Become a part of that Facebook feed
  • Schedule social media posts out for a few months in advance
  • Write some blog content, ebooks or other lead generation copy
  • Go live and answer questions
  • Give online demonstrations or classes
  • Entertain and educate that captive audience
  • Become the expert in your field

Just do something, get started now!

Get to Know and Listen to Your Target Audience

This is the perfect time to find out more about your followers, where they play, what are their interests, how do they make decisions. Why do you need to know more about them? Because the more you know about them the better you can target your marketing efforts. Be entertaining, educational and sincere. Do not be political, bitter or fearful.Magnifying glass over a drawing of a person icon

Many of you will need to face your fear of the unknown, learn new skills and make mistakes. Yes, you will make mistakes. Marketing is trial and error. We use fancy words like A/B testing or performance testing but it is still trial and error. Learn what works and what doesn’t work. Take what works and perfect it, duplicate it and repeat.

The biggest mistake to be made right now is to do nothing. To sit back and watch your business slide and let your competitors take over is a mistake from which you can not recover. This does not have to happen but you will need to get engaged now with your digital marketing to make a difference.

Where Do I Begin When Marketing Online?

That is a perfectly honest and realistic question and honestly, the answer is a little different for everyone. At Suncoast Web Marketing we help businesses from start to finish. You can schedule consultations on the digital marketing plan, take classes for the skills you need and get answers to all the questions as they arise. But what we can’t do is force you to take the first step. That is solely up to you. Set an appointment now for a free consultation to learn more about the marketing solutions we offer for businesses like yours.

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