How to Get Started on a Business Blog

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Content is crucial and you must blog. How many of you just panicked a little or came up with a half dozen excuses why you can’t or haven’t blogged? Why Should I Blog? Blogging is essential for your website. It provides new content on a regular basis which Google likes. It also is a good … Read more

10 Tips for an Effective Website & Why Yours May Be a Turn Off

bleak versus vibrant landscape

Turn off: to cause a loss of interest; bore; to evoke a negative feeling — Merriam-Webster Not exactly the feeling you were hoping to give your website visitors, is it? We have all visited websites that make us quickly hit the back button or left us thinking “huh??” while we try to figure out what it is … Read more

4 Reasons Website Projects Fail

bannana peel on train tracks could derail the project

Are you wasting time, missing deadlines and blowing budgets? Are you finding that your website design or other internet marketing projects struggle to get off the ground, sluggishly roll to completion or cause budgets to crumble? What is happening, who’s fault is it and how do you fix it? Well, I hate to say it … Read more

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