What Businesses Need Social Media Marketing?

The truth is — All businesses need social media marketing

What platform they use and what their approach is will differ based on individual needs but every business needs exposure and brand awareness. Yet many are still on the fence about using social media marketing or have already abandoned it out of fear, frustration or lack of understanding.

Which of these describes you:

  1. I am a social media rockstar!
  2. I am using it but not sure if I am doing what I should??
  3. Tried it and it doesn’t work for my industry!
  4. I see no value in using it for my business.

If you picked 1 or 2 you have a growth mindset. Those of you that picked number 3 or 4 have a fixed mindset and if you aren’t careful your competition will continue to grow while you wonder what happened.

Many business owners ask themselves if they need social media marketing. Others don’t question it; believing instead that they don’t need it.

The reality is you need it. Without it, you lose contact, relevance and business. Coupon books, newspaper ads and mailers are wasting your time and most importantly your money.

Today your customers turn to social proof before they buy. This may be a review they read or it may be through a Facebook comment. They need to see real proof someone likes what you offer. As we have expanded our reach on the internet we have lessened our personal connections. We now rely on people we have never met, our social network connections, to advise us of what to do, what to use and where to shop.

Why Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

teen made bad decision when posting to social mediaNext comes the question of who will be doing it. You may think of doing it yourself, delegating an employee or perhaps handing it off to your child. I see many small business owners that tell me their kids handle their social media.

Most often when this is the case I see sporadic postings, zero engagement and no direction. I’m pretty sure the posts are made only when the business owner requests something be posted for say an event or special.

The kid may be on social media 5 hours a day but not for business. They have their own agenda and reason for being connected and it has nothing to do with their parents’ business.

Other business owners take control themselves. This is a slightly better approach. At least, this way they are a part of the process and sometimes it works. The end result of all this often is I hear the statement they tried it and it didn’t work.

Do You Have Time for Social Media?

When it doesn’t work usually one of two things are at the heart of the problem. Either they have no clue what to do or they simply do not have the time to do it. If it is a matter of knowledge I can help with training and consulting, but if it is a matter of time no amount of knowledge will solve the problem.

Business owners wear so many hats and they must divide their time between tasks. They need to honestly ask themselves where their time is best spent and then delegate the other items.

If social media marketing is not one of their strongest skills then it would be more productive to release the responsibility. Perhaps you have an employee that fits the job. Will this be their only job description or will they be taking time away from the reason you hired them? You may find using an employee has put you in the same bind as using your children or doing it yourself.

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

This brings you to the point of hiring someone. Who do I hire? Can I afford it? These are common questions and the answers are simple. You must hire someone you can relate to and can work with to develop a plan. If you simply turn it over to someone without them learning what you do, why you are different and who you want to attract they won’t do the job well.

As far as cost goes you must set aside a budget. How much are you currently spending on other types of marketing? Are they doing the job? If so you wouldn’t be reading this. I work with business owners within their budget.

There is almost always something that can be done within your budget. For those starting out, it may be training, a workshop or a consult. As your budget grows so can your marketing plan. The first step is determining your goal and then we work backward from there.cartoon saying social media is a fad alog with cars and fire

Beware of those that guarantee overnight success or page one of Google. It takes time to build awareness and reputation. Get started now. Stop procrastinating. No action taken on your part is equivalent to willingly sending your business to your competition. It just doesn’t make sense.  Social media is not going away it is up to you to decide to embrace it or be left behind.

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