How to Get Started on a Business Blog

Content is crucial and you must blog.

How many of you just panicked a little or came up with a half dozen excuses why you can’t or haven’t blogged?

Why Should I Blog?

Blogging is essential for your website. It provides new content on a regular basis which Google likes. It also is a good way for you to let current and potential clients know what makes you different, why they need what you have or even how to use what they already have purchased.

Instead of cluttering up your website with so much information about every product, service or niche you could write an informative article instead. This will make your website easier to navigate, highlight the content you want available and display it in a more appealing manner.

8 Blogging Tips to Get You Started

  1. Come up with a plan – this is a type of marketing so you will need to plan how this relates to your goals.
  2. Generate a list of topics – FAQs, new products or services, industry trends are all relevant. Having a list will keep you on track and help you align with your plan.
  3. Develop a writing style – You will want to write as you speak. Keep it personable.
  4. Keep it simple – Eliminate jargon. A good practice is to keep it below a 10th-grade reading level.
  5. Length of content – Don’t write for the sake of word count but keep it over 350 words. Tell the story or solve the problem. If it goes beyond 1500 words you may want to serialize.
  6. Formatting – People tend to skim read so keep your paragraphs short, use bullet points and white space.
  7. Frequency – There are many opinions when it comes to frequency but keep it consistent. Don’t write once a week for two months and then abandon the blog.
  8. Learn from your audience – Pay attention to the analytics and learn what gets the response and what doesn’t. Develop topics that work into future articles.

What Keeps You From Blogging?

Fear, procrastination, and misconception are enemies. If you are afraid you can’t write well enough don’t let it stop you. You can have your blogs edited or written for you. Sometimes people are better verbally than putting words on paper. Use voice to text and then go back and make corrections.snail shell on a pencil to be a metaphor for slow writing

Another common problem is putting it off until …? There never comes a time to blog unless you make a time to blog. Even just 15 minutes a day can make a difference. Getting in the habit of writing increases your creativity and releases your fears.

If you think a blog article has to be a long literary masterpiece you are wrong. Your articles should reflect the personality of you and your business, be easy to read and as long as necessary to get your point across.

What Do I Blog About?

Every professional finds themselves answering common questions. Well, this is what you write about. Keep a list of questions your clients ask and use them as topics for your blog articles.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could refer prospective clients to your blog? They could learn about your company and find all the answers to their questions and even to questions, they hadn’t yet considered. They may even share your articles with man pointing to frequently asked questions

You Can Write Interesting Articles

You can do this. Start with a list of frequently asked questions. Mull around how you would answer if asked. Then set aside the time to write. I find that if you go to sleep with the intention in your head of writing on a specific topic you will awake in the morning with inspiration.

If you are still stuck and unable to step up to the task, reach out. We can help you get started, edit your work or do the writing for you. But it is important you start blogging. Interested in joining a training on how to blog? Contact us to be notified of the next class to be held in the Sarasota or Bradenton, Florida area or the next virtual online training.

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